Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Supersuckers LIVE at Reggie's Rock Club-Photo Filled Recap

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I saw The Supersuckers a number of times back in BC--that would be before children--and their shows were always a rockin' good time.   Kiss might have been "The Hottest Band in the Land" but The Supersuckers are the unabashedly self declared "Greatest Rock-n-Roll Band in the World".   Welcome back boys.  

Excerpt from frontman/bass player, Eddie, on The Supersuckers main page:
My son Quattro says the next thing they will invent for phones will be the ability to teleport yourself anywhere you want to be. Now THAT would rule! No more long drives for me - I'd be at home every night, sleeping in my own bed, waking up with my kids and having a day at home before heading off to "work" at night. Just think of the havoc that would reign down upon the travel industries! No more airlines! No more cars! Ah, I can't wait... That's gonna be fantastic.

Parents rock and rockers parent.   I know my own punk kin would love to see a teleportation phone invented, too!

Here's the story of The Supersucker's start: 
Our story is almost impossible to believe. This band is literally a human cartoon. We all grew up among the dead-ends and cactus needles of Tucson, Arizona and have known each other since grade school. We graduated from the same high school together at the same time (a school immortalized in our song “Santa Rita High”) and we chose to play in a band together because we liked to hang out together, not because we were great musicians or anything. I truly believe that a band is defined by their limitations, that what they can’t (or won’t) do is just as important as what they can do. I guess that, in this era of pre-fabricated, put-together-to-have-a-hit bands, we’re kind of an aberration and I gotta tell ya that that makes us smile a little every day.

We formed the band in 1988 and we were initially a five piece called The Black Supersuckers ( a name found in some quality “adult literature” we had laying around in our impeccably clean band house!), with me on bass, Dan “Thunder” Bolton and Rontrose Heathman on guitars, Dancing Eagle on drums and a lead singer by the name of Eric Martin. After firmly proving ourselves to be the best band in town we decided it was time to get out of Tucson and try our luck somewhere else. So we tossed a coin with heads as New Orleans and tails as Seattle. Tails it was and in May of “89 we packed up and went north.

We had no idea that Seattle was about to become “Rock Mecca USA”, we just wanted to go somewhere where we could wear our leather jackets a little more often. It was exciting and encouraging to see all of the great bands there, doing their own thing and making some kick-ass, aggressive rock-n-roll that we could relate to, so we started recording immediately. After some classic “creative differences” with our lead singer, we decided to try it as a four piece with yours truly as the singer (I was the only one who knew all the words) and The Supersuckers, as you may or may not know them today, were born.

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