Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving-IK Gym

Turkeys, Bountiful Harvest and Creative Gymnastics Classes...what we're thankful for

Enjoy family and friends today.   We have a fun T-day themed video for you, that we shot at the new IK Gymnastics Center, in one of their early childhood classes on Tuesday.   If you're looking for some active Friday fun, come on by for their full or half day camp tomorrow.  Click here for details on their VERY SPECIAL FRIDAY-AFTER-THANKSGIVING CAMP ON NOV. 25.   We'll have a full video tour of IK Gym & a print interview with Soviet Gymnast/Owner/Namesake, Irina Kudina, for you in the near future.

Click HERE for more IK gymnastics class info.   Plan ahead for winter and summer camps!

ChiIL Mama will be back tomorrow with a HUGE on line treasure chest of give aways including DS games, rock DVDs, kindie (kids' indie) and adult CDs, board games, books, and more!   You'll be able to enter to win daily from black Friday through December 15th.   Check out our list...then check it twice.   Check off all the gifts you want to win, then spread the word for additional entries.  

We're thankful for:
 Living in Chi, IL
     All our readers at ChiIL Mama
Great music
     Great theatre
Great friends
     Family (the kids still have 3 sets of living grandparents)
     Hairy family members (dogs rock!)
     Rock N Roll
Life After Birth

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