Friday, January 2, 2009

The End of The End of The Year

Well, it's the end of the year already and we've been so busy living life that I neglected to write about the end of the year. The last four months of it are missing, to be specific. So, rather than relegate those fun filled months to the black hole of the blogosphere, I'm going to do a big ol' recap.

That soon as the littles go back to school full time. We love our public magnet school, which is on the "year round" track. This means a shorter 6 week summer, but a nice two week spring and fall break and a whopping 23 days of winter intercession! We've packed a lot in since Dec 12th, which alone will probably take a chunk of the beginning of 2009 to tell.
But I do promise to take a deep yoga breath and a running leap and write it all out--and add new current adventures at least once a week all year.

This is also the year for P.S.M.--Project Skinny Mommy. It's about as fun as P.M.S., but will hopefully reduce belly bloating. Strangers have been asking me when I'm due since the birth of my last kiddo over 5 years ago and I'm sick of saying. "May"

I have tried two years at the YMCA, pilates, the ab lounger which lives in the attic, a giant inflatable exercize ball and work out videos, Hoodia and green tea fat burning pills, all to no avail. Maybe I was sabotaged by the two dozen Krispy Kream doughnuts I bought to ring in the new year. And then there's the kids' organic chocolate milk and that heavy whipped cream in the 3 pack from Costco that keep mysteriously finding their way into my morning coffee............

This week, look forward to reminiscing about
The Hideout Block Party and Chalk4Peace 9/20-22, Halloween fun midwestern style from Ohio to Illinois throughout October,

Nanowrimo, Bookmania, holiday happenings, meeting Peter Sis, the tooth fairy dukes it out with the puke fairy, and more.