Monday, November 21, 2011

ChiTAG 2011 Photo Filled Recap and ChiIL Mama's Holidaze Gift Guide & Give Aways

Chicago Toy and Game Fair 2011

ChiTAG, you're it!   You're it for the latest and greatest games and toys.   You're it for meeting actual, factual inventors.   You're it for hook ups with neighborhood toy stores.   You're it for samples and show specials.  You're it for young inventors and encouraging creativity in kids.   You're it for a brain boosting bonanza.   Yes....ChiTAG, you're it.   

If you missed it, or you went and you're missing it already, ChiIL Mama has the cure for ChiTAG withdrawl.    We met with a number of toy and game companies and we'll have an eclectic and impressive assortment of fun recommendations from now till December 15th.   Then we'll be reviewing a bazillion more music related DVDs, CDs and books for adults and kids!

We'll also be giving away a virtual pirates chest full of gifts, goodies, video games, DVDs, CDs, games, toys, and books for adults and kids (nationwide entries accepted).   To make it easy on everyone, we'll make one big list and we'll be checkin' it twice.    You can check off your own wish list and we'll announce our winners December 15th.   So stuff that in your stockings!

Pirates aren't the only ones who like a little booty!   We'll even continue with our free ticket Tuesdays, with great concert and theatre give aways in the Chicago area.  So enter like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.    Hoist your Jolly Roger high--we go live on Black Friday. You can enter up to once a day through midnight December 14th, with documented social media shares. 

Speaking of social's a shout out to The awesome Chicagonistas who hosted a press lounge to sit down and rest in and spearheaded a fun scavenger hunt, blogger/press breakfast, and crafts with toy inventor, Peggy Brown.    Fun fun!   

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