Wednesday, November 30, 2011

4 Free Tickets To A Christmas Story The Musical, Gustafer Yellowgold & Brunch, Mary Macaroni & Shayna Sings

Tickets are an excellent clutter busting gift idea for the holidays.   We'll get you started with weekly free 4 packs to a bunch of family friendly shows.   Enter below for your chance to win.   We'll be running rehearsal footage from A Christmas Carol The Musical and interviews with the director and Chicago kids and adults in the cast.   So come ChiIL Out with ChiIL Mama this holiday season and be sure to check back like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.

Click the link for THIS week's Free Ticket Tuesday Give Aways
4 Tickets to Gustafer Yellowgold at Schubas AND Brunch for 4!
4 Tickets to Mary Macaroni at Beat Kitchen Concerts for Kids 

Then enter below for next week's Family 4 Packs of Tickets to 
A Christmas Story The Musical
Shayna Sings at Beat Kitchen


  1. Me and my boys love rockin out to Queen...especially "We Will Rock You!" That really gets us going! Lucky for me they have a great appreciation for Good Music :-)

  2. Ok, trying to enter by RSS feed/email, and it is telling me that I must entered the mandatory fields first. I entered my e-mail and added the RSS to my Reader. What else am I suppose to do?

  3. Hey Kim--The only mandatory should just be leave a comment here on which tixs you want--either or both & what music you like to rock out to. Once you've commented, it should let you enter. Other follows, FB, Tweets are optional but add entry chances. Hope that helps.

  4. Love your blog! and your giveaways!! You rock!

    Crossing my fingers for Shana! Christmas Story would be a super cool plus!

  5. Would love to see A Christmas Story!

  6. We would love to see A Christmas Story - so fun! I hate to admit it, but we love to 'rock' out to Justin Bieber - he is a dancing machine and my kids love it!

  7. The girls and boy and I rock out to Johnny Cash, Social Distortion, and all polka music. We would love, love, love to rock out to A Christmas Story, especially to the leg lamp chorus line!

  8. Hey Mama,

    Kids and I love jamming to DJ Slacky J every friday night in the kitchen.

    I think they would dig going to the Christmas Story.

  9. The kids and I love rocking out to Harry Belafonte! Tickets to A Christmas Story would be awesome.

  10. Whoops and LOVE rocking out to Justin Bieber's Christmas album. ;)