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Count Down To Kidza-2 Days Till Lucky #7! #lolla #kidza11

Today's 2 Days!!

So, we've got links to ChiIL Mama's photo and video filled best of Kidzapalooza 2010.

Check out ChiIL Mama's YouTube Channel for loads of great live footage from Kidzapalooza 2010 including interviews with Recess Monkey, Candy Band & Tim and The Space Cadets and live concert footage, too.   We have 69 Original Videos as of today.

Tomorrow we'll have more unpublished pixs from 2010, for a photo filled feature, and ChiIL Mama's original interview with 16 year old Ruby Jane.   

Ruby plays Lollapalooza 2011 at noon THIS Friday at the BMI Stage.

Relive the Lolla love as we travel back in time another year to 2009
Click each day for highlights:

                        & Sunday9

Here's a little photo filled blast from even farther in the past (past Kidza years that is) with Perry Farrell and Patti Smith and ChiIL Mama's own Sagezilla & Du-Jay.   

And here's our inaugural ChiIL Mama blog post featuring Slash, Perry and photo filled highlights of Kidza 08!!

Of course Perry and Tor and Peter DiStefano will make their annual Kidza appearance again this year.    Their kidza sets are alway a highlight of the weekend.   Last year, we were also thrilled to be able to introduce the kids to one of our favorite artists, Chrissie Hynde, LIVE at the Kidza Stage.   Check out ChiIL Mama's best of past Kidzas coverage.

Peter DiStefano, ChiIL Mama 2010

We're also stoked to see the VIR (Very Important Rocker) Breakfast is back again and we'll be their bright n early this Sunday morning for an intimate show, great Paul Frank give aways and fun.    Last year ChiIL Mama shot the following videos of kindie king, DAN ZANES, at the VIR Breakfast at The James Hotel.   Lollapalooza Co-Producer and Kidza MC, Tor Hyams' son, Lyon, can be seen rockin' out.    He's doing the "freezing in the hotel air conditioning" dance.    Enjoy!

We also have a print interview with the main man, father of two, Lolla Co-Producer, Grammy nominated producer, musician and Kidza MC, among other hats.  Click here for ChiIL Mama's Exclusive Interview With Tor Hyams himself.

Here's What We're Excited About For Kidza 2011:


(Jr. High)



*Northbrook Garage (Jr. High)
Special Guest


*Kate Diaz (14)

*signifies bands where the musicians ARE kids

We can't wait to see newcomers, Northbrook Garage.   Here's what Kidza has to say about them:

Smoky, soulful vocals. Chunky, melodic licks. Solid, barnstorming rhythm. If you hear Northbrook Garage without seeing them, you’ll never guess the members are still in junior high. Their talent, arrangement style, and synergy are way beyond their years. 
From deep cut covers to infectious originals, the sound of Northbrook Garage is unexpectedly unique. The guys of Northbrook Garage -- Sam Harkey, Eric Doar, and Eric von Holst -- have been honing and tightening their sound since grammar school. When they met vocalist Elenna Sindler at a junior high talent night, the band was complete. 

NBG has an undeniable chemistry evident both on and off the stage. That vibe translates into tight grooves and that indescribable “something special”. Described as Soulful Americana and Rootsy Groove, NBG finds the pulse in music and expresses themselves through their eclectic sound. The result is not typical of their generation, but could just be where their generation is going. As exclaimed by Sharon Jones after inviting them onto her stage to jam with the Dap-Kings, “The babies are bringing back soul! Ain’t that something!”

Check out their website HERE and 10 live videos on their YouTube Channel.
ChiIL Mama loves their header--Minor Age, Major Rock N Roll!   Indeed.

Kidzapalooza Chicago 2011 Activities 
This year's activities include:
Applegate Community Mural: Paint a large apple mural with your friends and family. This interactive and collaborative art project has traveled through many cities this summer and has been painted by thousands of artists of all ages.
Paul Frank: The Academy of Awesome! Silkscreen some of the awesome wears of the most awesome inspired fashion company for kids.
Hip Hop Dance Workshop with Happiness Club: Get your groove on while you learn the latest hip hop and fly boy/girl moves.
Double Dutch Workshop: Learn the tricks of doing some mad jump roping from the best and watch kids & teens do some amazing moves.
Hip Hop Workshop: The Q Brothers will teach kids how to scratch, beat box and rhyme. Take home a CD of your Phat track!
DrumZone: This area is all about rhythm and making noise with John Yost’s Rhythm Revolution. Bang away on a variety of drums to create something cool and loud.
Funky Hairdooz: A chance for kidz to be styled using environmentally, kid friendly products. A pink Mohawk will have you in style for the festival.
Tattooz: Hip airbrush tattoos are available at this station. Be a rock star while at the festival!
Photo Shootz: Kidz capture their new rocker look with Time Out Kids Magazine and pose with props to be the next rock star on their very own cover that they get to take home.
Lifeway Probugs: Sample some organic Kefir in a spill free pouch and cycle your way to nutrition.
Berklee School of Music: Create your own private headphone concert and impress your friends!

Check out Kidzapalooza's website for set times and family friendly fest details.   

We will be covering Kidzapalooza and Lollapalooza again this Friday through Sunday, so check back in with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often!

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