Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kidzapalooza 2010 is here!

Growing Up Kidza:   Here's Sagezilla and Du-Jay at Kidzapalooza 06
at the ripe old ages of 3 and 5, hearing Perry Farrell and Patti Smith live for the first time.

A little wicked voice in my head wants me to tell you Kidzapalooza bites, and to stay away, so it doesn't become overcrowded and suffer from it's own popularity.   But, I know you wouldn't buy it.   The truth is, Perry and Tor have created an amazing kids' island, amid the organized, creative chaos that is Lollapalooza. 

And we're not talking Lord of the Flies kids' island here.   Kidzapalooza has lots of open green space to dance and run around and hula hoop in.   There are large shade trees where families can spread a blanket and relax.   Kids can try their hand at real instruments in the Rock and Roll Petting Zoo and get their punk on with colorful hair styles.

The best part is, all kids 10 and under are free with paid adult tickets to Lollapalooza, and the kids activities are free.   Kidzapalooza won't dollar you to death with charges for temp tattoos, stylin' hair, and art projects.   And Paul Frank is providing great tote bags to silk screen.   This is no macaroni duck, or festival art project that's going right into the circular file.   

Kidzapalooza is full of hands on fun.   Kids can try skate boarding, make a music video and take home the DVD, and feel the energy created when John Yost really gets a Remo drum circle going.

Kidzapalooza Chicago 2010 Activities
This year's activities include:
Rock Star Video Karaoke with Ravinia: Pick a song and use some props to rock out as your favorite star. Take home a DVD of your video and share with friends.
Hip Totes with Small Paul: Screen print a tote bag with Julius and have something cool to take home and remember your experience.
Playstation: Play your favorite game outdoors!
Break Dancing Workshops: There will a dance floor set up in the shade for kids to learn break dancing with the Brickheadz. Learn break dancing fundamentals and even spin on your head.
Hip Hop Workshop: The Q Brothers will teach kids how to scratch, beat box and rhyme. Take home a CD of your Phat track!
Skateboarding Workshops: Watch skaters from Character Skateboards do their tricks up close and personal. Then learn some basic moves and the importance of safety with The Chicago Youth Skateboard Project.
DrumZone: This area is all about rhythm and making noise with John Yost’s Rhythm Revolution. Bang away on a variety of drums to create something cool and loud.
Hairdooz with Siren Salon: A chance for kidz to be styled using environmentally, kid friendly products. A pink Mohawk will have you in style for the festival.
Tattooz: Body painting & tattoos are available at this station. Be a rock star while at the festival!
Photo Shootz: Kidz capture their new rocker look with Time Out Magazine and pose with props to be the next rock star on a magazine.
John Yost's Rhythm Revolution provided by Remo: Teaching the kidz rock rhythm on all sorts of drums at the end of everyday. Let’s shake the city of Chicago!
And let's face it, the bands aren't bad either.   Check in often in the next few days.   ChiIL Mama will be interviewing Tor, Recess Monkey, Candy Band, Tim and The Space Cadets and more.   We also have three new CDs by The Verve Pipe A Family Album to give away.
For the full 3 day line up click here.  The performers this year are some of the best ever.   The Kidzapalooza bands begin at 11:30 daily and end by 4:30 or 5:00 at the latest, so you can continue your littles rock education with the big kids, at the main stages.   Click below to hear a description of the bands "straight from the horse's mouth", by Perry Farrell and Tor Hyams.
We're looking forward to Friday afternoon.   Future rock star kids from the School of Rock take the stage at 12:30 and again Sunday at 11:30.   Then there's a strong line up all afternoon.
The Happiness Club
School of Rock
The Candy Band
Tim and the Space Cadets
Ed Kowalczyk
Recess Monkey

Our kids were weaned on The Pretenders
so we're especially excited to see 
Chrissie Hynde at 4:15 Saturday, 
playing as JP, Chrissie & 
The Fairground Boys.   

What parent of young children hasn't 
sung the lyrics "...gotta stop sobbin', 
uh-huh.   Stop sobbin'. Stop stop 
stop stop."   I had to sing it to Sagezilla 
when we went to see The Pretenders 
at The Riviera last year without her, 
since it wasn't an all ages show.
We just went back to Ohio last week, 

to my childhood home, and 
The Pretenders were in heavy ipod 
rotation on the 6 hour drive.   We're 
interested to see what she'll bring to 
the stage at Kidzapalooza.   And Zilla 
and Du are stoked to not be left behind.

Kidzapalooza runs August 6-8th.   
Stay there'll be more of all 
the good stuff for the cool kids 
who are going.

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