Monday, August 22, 2011

Pints for Pups-Put The Bark in Park

We had a dog gone good time Saturday, at the sold out Pints for Pups fundraiser for Logan Square's new proposed dog park.    The kids got in the theme of things and our dogs were thrilled with the "doggy bags" of treats.    We bid liberally in the silent auction and just lost two packages by 1 bid.   Ah well.    Nobody "really" wanted to groom a 110lb. Akita for free.....right?    Though we may have to break down and buy the cool kids' kit for baking gourmet dog treats that we just lost by a $5 bid.

Dunlays unfortunately burned both the kids' turkey burger and pizza, which weren't a big hit, but I had the spinach/artichoke dip which was awesome.    And I was elated that the unlimited beer for the 2 hour event wasn't cheap swill, but excellent Lagunitas microbrews.    Mmmmm.

It was good to see our Alderman, Rey Colon, representing.    He gave a moving speech about the importance of dogs in our lives and how pets make us more human...and better humans.

Stay tuned for future dog park events.    There's some bark about a Halloween event for costumed pups.    We'll keep you posted when we know what's up.

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