Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Act Out: Theatre Low Down-$5 off Pinocchio-Closing, $45 Colin Quinn Tixs-Opening and 51% off The House Theatre Season Passes


$5 off Pinocchio at Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Last chance to see The Adventures of Pinocchio!
Save $5 by using promo code "BLOG" when ordering tickets online at www.chicagoshakes.com or by phone at 312.595.5600. Bring the whole family to CST's beautiful Courtyard Theater for this smart, fun-filled show. You can even meet the talented cast for autographs and pictures after the performance.
Tickets are only $13–$20 with this special offer. And remember, CST patrons save 40% on guaranteed parking in Navy Pier garages!

We gave away a family 4 pack at the start of the run, and highly recommend catching this excellent production before it closes THIS Sunday, August 28.   The Adventures of Pinocchio was quite impressive and one of our all time favorites of the summer musical season.   

Ever hear the one about the little wooden puppet whose nose grew every time he lied.   Man, I kind of wish real little boys and girls were like that (as long as it was reversible!)   Some of them are practiced in the art of deception, like Sagezilla, who told me "The dog left the water running", at the tender age of 4.

Pinocchio is a timeless classic and Chicago Shakespeare Theater's puppet filled, musical rendition is sure to be well loved by adults and kids alike...no lying. 

The traditional Italian story of a wooden puppet yearning to be a real boy springs to life with inventive and awe-inspiring puppetry, transforming CST's Courtyard Theater into a larger-than-life, European marionette stage.

Carved out of wood by the lonely toymaker Geppetto, Pinocchio tumbles from one disastrous situation to another in search of adventure—only to discover that, in the end, all he really needs is an unselfish heart and the love of his father. Based on Carlo Collodi's classic tale, this world premiere CST Family musical illuminates the bond between parents and children in a magical performance that is sure to enchant audiences of all ages!

Chicago Shakespeare Theater always delights with high caliber casts, and impressive, world class sets, props and costumes.    We were excited to see the work of Chicago puppeteer/puppet designer,  Meredith Miller.    We adored her long running late night show, Madness in Miniature, at The House Theatre last season.  http://www.chiilmama.com/2011/02/house-is-rockin-check-out-madness-in.html

Check out Chicago Shakespeare Theater's website for show times and details as well as behind the scenes fun. 

Photo by ChiILMama.com

See Colin Quinn take on the history of the world in 75 minutes
Click HERE and use code WORLD when ordering.

ChiIL Mama will be checkin' out opening night tomorrow, and we'll have a full review for you.

Speaking of The House Theatre...
They've announced their new season and it looks excellent.

Check out Groupon today for 51% off on a House Theatre season pass!

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