Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy 8-26 Day


No need to worry ... despite August 26th being a National Holiday (8/26 Day), 826CHI will be open! And not just open. We will be partying. This is your invitation to join us in the celebration!

Be a part of the fun by exercising your right to write!  Throughout the day we are encouraging you to set aside 8 minutes and 26 seconds to write a short story/character sketch/ poem/recipe etc. (We're looking to get an ambitious 82.6 of these micro-masterpieces before the clock strikes 8:26pm!) 

Send us your writing by emailing us (, tweeting us (@826chi) with it, hiring a bike messenger, enlisting Mortimer the messenger pigeon, posting it to our virtual wall (facebook), or posting it to our real wall, right here at 826CHI.

[If you're stuck, here are some prompts from our students: What would you do if a milkshake attacked the world? What would you do if a giant panda let all of the animals out of the zoo? What would you do if you woke up to find out you were the only person on Earth?]

The Boring Store and 826CHI will be open and welcoming any and everyone to write from 11am - 4pm. Beyond giving you a space and supplies to write your piece, we will be giving away prizes, (fear not, internet friends, we'll get you some prizes too!) and passing out "I WROTED TODAY" stickers so you can show off your writerly pride. We will also be throwing confetti, pasting stories dangerously high in  The Boring Store's windows, having a pencil sharpening contest, dancing and playing with balloons.

To wrap it up, join us at the Standard Bar and Grill, across the street, to toast the holiday from 4pm - 6pm!

In honor of 8/26 and 826, here's a link to some fabulously creative writing ChiIL Mama's own Du-Jay and 11 other creative kids, 5th grade and up wrote at Threadless HQ last Tuesday.    Check 'em out and get your laugh on.


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