Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Phish Ends Phantastic 3 Day Run Tonight at UIC Pavillion

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For all you phunks (Phish punks) out there...    There are more of us than you think.    At the risk of the wrath of my black leather clad, punk friends,  I've gotta give equal access to the hippy, jam band fans out there for a minute.

We can't wait for the show tonight!!!!   It's been a cool, crazy run in an unusually intimate venue.     We were outside in the lot Monday and things were nuts.    There were literally hundreds of fans walking around UIC Pavilion with fingers in the air and hopeful looks on their faces.   It was a seller's market.  The fans who were shut out of the sold out show were even hustled away from listening outside of the doors.    

The cops' energies would have been better directed at the scalpers who were actively ripping people off left and right.    We saw one, good sized dude selling on the corner and then watched him literally muscle in at the front of an hour long box office line (for a slow trickle of broker releases), shove in a wad of cash, and walk off with literally the last tickets of the run!    His accomplice (whom he kept admonishing "Stop talking to me.   We don't know each other.") gave some sob story about his wife getting in and then went right back to selling marked up tickets on the corner.

In the past, Phish has made pleas for people to be kind and resell tickets for face value or "miracle" fans outside the venue with Phish for free.    There's even an official group, Cash or Trade working to curb the rampant greed from ticket scalpers and unscrupulous fans out to make a buck.   Even legal brokers tickets for these shows were rarely listed for under $200, even for obstructed view, and prime seats are still selling for 10x list price or a hefty $500 a piece.

Nevertheless, UIC is a remarkably small venue for the come back kids to be playing at this juncture.    For well written fan rants, set lists and downloads, we recommend checking out Mr. Miner's Phish Thoughts.   For excellent photo pit shots, check out

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