Saturday, August 27, 2011

Steampunk Invasion at Bristol Renaissance Faire This Weekend

We're super stoked to be heading for Ren Faire again this weekend.   We stocked up on steampunk garb and found some awesome $5 welder glasses and fake mustaches at American Science and Surplus.    

All Weekend: Absinthe Cocktail Bar
Explore the delicious art of sublimation with six exclusive Absinthe cocktails this weekend only. The bar is located directly across from the Blackfriar Inn near The Globe Stage.

A good friend of ours works making prosthetic limbs in a hospital machine shop downtown and she made some pretty amazing steampunk weaponry I can't wait to see.

Steampunk Promenade Contest - Saturday August 27, 2011 - Globe Stage - 5:30pm
All the aetherometers point to a glorious stroll this Saturday. Polish your combobulator pistol and tighten your high-altitude airship goggles. Whether you're the legionnaire, the engineer or the clockwork servant, we're looking for the best man, woman and couple to win prizes in gold coin.  Cheerio!

Fantasy Facial Hair Contest -
Sunday August 28, 2011 - Globe Stage - 5:30pm
Get a beard comb, break out the hair gel, the bedazzler and the food coloring.  Be proud, be scientific and experiment with your hair... Bristol will provide your reward.

Chaos Rising
RenQuest™ returns this year with a deeper plot line, more difficult riddles and the most sinister villain yet! Live your legend and stop the Chaos that threatens to destroy Bristol! 

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