Friday, March 11, 2011

SXSW Special & Chicago Adult/Big Kid Bands This Weekend

Every year, a lot of lucky Chi-town music lovers get outta Dodge and our still chilly weather and head down south for the awesome, annual South By Southwest or SXSW Music & Film Festival.   2011 marks the fest's 25th anniversary!

If you can't make it to Austin this year, don't despair.   We're celebrating pre-SXSW in Chicago this weekend, as a number of bands are playing "dress rehearsal" gigs before they go down.   Here are the highlights:

FRIDAY:   How Far To Austin at Mayne Stage (all ages 8pm tonight)-Check out their new music video HERE and ChiIL Mama's own original VIDEO INTERVIEW with the band.   We'll be there shooting stills.   Help us send the band off to Austin in style!


The All-Day Hideout SXSW Sendoff Party:

Outer Minds


Joan of Arc


Radar Eyes

Tiger Bones

Skull Orchard

Paul Cary

Rabble Rabble

Waco Brothers

Kids These Days

Sat, March 12, 2011

1:30 pm

The Hideout

Chicago, IL


LOYAL DIVIDE: (last Chicago show before SXSW)

Derek Nelson & the Musicians: 

Nick Miller & the Neighbors:

Bassel & the Supernaturals: 

Check out Loyal Divide's music video right here.   KID WARNING:   This video is PG, maybe even PG13, and has cartoon violence.   Still, we thought it was pretty creative and fun, in a disturbing kinda way.   So, if you have a dark sense of humor, as many of our readers do, enjoy!

*No actual Gaff Tape was harmed in the making of this video.

If you are going down to Austin, LMK if you have room for a stow away :)...

But seriously, check out these sweet shows while you're there.    And we'll keep everyone posted about future shows and new CDs, as the bands come back. 

Western Publicity Bands at SXSW

Smoking Popes

This Chicago band has been really influential for years now, their fans range from Morrissey to Alkaline Trio. They have a new album out on Asian Man called “This is only A Test” on March 15th – it’s their first concept album, about a high school kid’s world. They are playing two shows during SXSW then hitting the road on tour in support. They have a distinctive sound – sort of crunchy guitar-driven pop-punk, augmented by Josh Caterer’s incredible vocals. Here is what the LA Times said: “Ever wonder what a traditional saloon singer would sound like backed up by a punk band? The Smoking Popes take that concept one step further: They’ve created a unique kind of music that some listeners are describing as ‘hyperkinetic tear-jerkers’.” 

3/16 Maggie Mae's (Flower Booking Showcase) at 8pm
3/17 Trophy Room (Double Door Showcase) at 5:15pm

Tim Larson and the Owner Operators

The last few years have been terribly difficult for the working class – millions of people who just want to support their families have been left in the cold, with pensions gutted and homes in jeopardy. Tim Larson writes songs for them. Plainspoken protest songs dominate his new release with the Owner Operators, A New Deal, out in April.  A former member of the acclaimed Irish band The Drovers, Larson is a longtime asphalt worker with sharp powers of observation and classical music training. He draws from influences as diverse as John Lee Hooker, Waylon Jennings, Nick Cave and Siouxsie and the Banshees, combining the layered sonics of shoegaze with warm acoustic instruments to frame songs about the down and out.

Thursday, 3/17 - Thunderbird Coffee (Giant Steps Productions Show) - at 3:40pm
Saturday, 3/18 – Kick Butt Coffee – at 6pm

Miracle Parade

This band is the latest project from Chris Pappas of The Everyday Visuals. He has recorded a new album (out 6/21) called “Hark!...and Other Lost Transmissions” that will be released on Pierre De Reeder of Rilo Kiley’s new label, Little Record Company. He has written a series of fables about choices we make and the things we leave behind – jangled guitars and hushed melodies dominate this album.  

Park the Van at SXSW 2011

Generationals, Floating Action, Brass Bed, Empress Hotel, Spinto Band, Native America 
Park the Van will once again have a strong presence at SXSW 2011 as they bring their killer roster of bands and showcase to one of the premiere Tamale shops in all of the Americas. The official PTV showcase will be on Friday, March 18th at Mi Casa Cantina (503 E. 6th Street). When offered much larger and more suitable locations, Park The Van insisted on keeping it "where the masa means just as much as the music."  

Here's the lineup... (see flyer at bottom of email)
1am        Generationals
Midnight Floating Action
11pm      Native America
10pm      The Spinto Band
9pm        Brass Bed
8pm        Empress Hotel 

Per usual, all of the PTV bands will have alot going on in Austin. Here's a complete run down by band, and be sure to check out the incredible PTV SXSW 2011 commercial.

Weds. March 16 @ Red 7 - Force Field PR / Terrorbird Media Party (3pm)
Thurs. March 17 @ Waterloo Records (instore) (2pm)
Thurs. March 17 @ Cheers - Treehouse party (5:15pm)
Friday March 18 @ Red House Pizzeria - Music For Listeners Party (3pm)
Friday March 18 @ The Eastern (4:55) 4:25 load-in
Friday March 18 @ Cedar Street Courtyard - The Orchard showcase (9pm)
Friday March 18 @ Mi Casa Cantina - Park The Van showcase (1am)
Sat.    March 19 @  KUT Cactus Cafe - KUT Radio party (12pm)

Weds March 16 @ SXSW Convention Center (3pm)
Weds March 16 @ Cheers (7:15pm)
Friday March 18 @ Cheers - Treehouse SXSW (3pm)
Friday March 18 @ Red House Pizzeria - Music For Listeners Party (4pm)
Friday March 18 @ Mi Casa Cantina - Park The Van showcase (12am)

Weds March 16 @ The Ghost Room - Riot Act showcase @ (1:15)
Weds March 16 @ The Parrish - Good Danny's showcase.  time TBD
Friday March 18 @ Mi Casa Cantina - Park The Van showcase (9pm)

Thurs March 17 @ Skinny's Ballroom & Radio Station (5pm)
Friday March 18 @ Hotel Vegas - LA Crawfish Boil Showcase (3pm)
Friday March 18 @ Mi Casa Cantina - Park The Van showcase (8pm)
Saturday March 19 @ Historic Victory Grll - Backbeat NOLA (tbd)

Friday March 18 @ Mi Casa Cantina - Park The Van showcase (10pm)

Weds. March 16 @ Stanky Possum House (tbd)  
Friday March 18 @ Mi Casa Cantina - Park The Van showcase (11pm) 


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