Friday, March 4, 2011

ABC Wednesday--G is for...

Going outta business!   I have to admit to a little twinge of schadenfreude about Borders bankruptcy and store closings, since the book big boys did the same thing to all the cool, funky little neighborhood book stores back in the day.   Mostly it's just scary and sad to see that even the big behemoths can't stay afloat these days.   

It's a tough time to be a book store, between the internet undercutting brick and mortar overhead, e-readers, and competition from other mediums.   That's one reason ChiIL Mama is happy to do what we can with book reviews and give aways.   We love to introduce our readers to some of our favorite books for kids and adults.
Sure, we have 3 computers, but our family LOVES books.   We have bookshelves in almost every room of our home and there are still piles of beloved books avalanching over in the corners and on furniture.   As much as I do read and write on line, nothing will ever replace the printed word for cuddling up with by a roaring fire, or reading bedtime stories to the kids.

We swung by one doomed Borders to grab a few birthday prezzys, lap desks and of course books.    I asked the cashier if the powers that be had told them anything about a closing date, or if they were just stringing everyone along.  She said, "No.   Stringing us along, but it's all good.   That just gives me more time to job hunt.   And it could be worse.   I could be dying of cancer."   On that somberoptimistic note, I smiled sympathetically and took my 40% off booty home.   Borders, we're sad to see you go.  

Check out more G musings from around the world by clicking below.  Thankfully ABC Wednesday is cool with late entries, as this has been one jam packed week!   We've been posting ABC Wednesday entries for 33 weeks and have become quite fond of this site.   

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  1. 'Tis true that Borders, et al, threatened the local bookstores, but it seems that Amazon and the Nook are killing Borders; I'm sad.

    ROG, ABC wednesday team