Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ABC Wednesday--H is for...Win Neko Case's muscle car

How cool is that?!
We've seen Neko Case perform several times and she's an amazingly talented musician.   She used to bar tend at The Hideout, back in the day, and she's still not to big n famous to help out a bunch of kids!   That's impressive.
This is my final post about this awesome raffle to Help 826national fund it's free tutoring and writing workshops for kids ages 7-high school.   I don't want to decrease my own chances of winning Neko Case's 67 Cougar, and all the other cool stuff, too much :).  

However, these guys are worth it, so I do want to spread the word and get this great organization as much moolah and recognition as they deserve. 

I've taught workshops for them (for free) and both of my kids have taken numerous great, creative writing classes through 826CHI (also for free).   They have inspired so many kids to love writing and I'd love to see them expand and continue the amazingly cool stuff they do.

Give em' a Holler on the phone if you'd like to Help out.   Then click below for more alphabetical fun from around the world.