Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday-Archery Bow Range Chicago Birthday

We'll have a photo and video filled feature soon, but here's a yellow filled teaser.   This was a BIG weekend.   We filmed 4 rock bands and had 7 kids and assorted family members for an archery- scavenger hunt-Thai food birthday. 

March 12, Du-Jay entered the double digits.   My poetic, long haired, drummer dreamer son, shares a birthday with Jack Kerouac and the 99th anniversary of the founding of Girl Scouts this year.

We were super impressed with Archery Bow Range Chicago.   They run an excellent summer camp and they're a great place for birthday parties.    Archery is fun for all skill levels, boys and girls, and is an equal opportunity sport where the biggest, fastest kids don't have an advantage.

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