Friday, March 4, 2011

March 4th-Happy Birthday Sister and City's the only day that's a command,  "March Forth!"...and a band that plays a birthday show every March 4th in Portland, where anyone born on 3/4 gets in free. 

These guys are so much fun.   If you're anywhere near Portland, check 'em out.   If not, we'll hook you up with the March Fourth Marching Band site HERE.   We'll also leave you with a video of them below.  The closest band around here in style is probably Mucca Pazza.

March 4th is also my little sister's birthday...but she's taller than me now, and informed me a few years back that I could drop the little when I introduce her.   One of these days she'll gloat about being 5 years younger.    So happy birthday, Sister!   Hope  it's magical and wonderful.

March 4th is also the 174th "birthday" of the city of Chicago!   Today's the day our favorite city was incorporated.   Check out the Chicago History Museum HERE, if you wanna learn more.

So, happy March 4th.   Enjoy the long weekend, if you're lucky enough to have Pulaski Day off, like CPS school kids.   Thank you General Casimir.   Now March forth!

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