Thursday, March 3, 2011

How Far To Austin & The Shams Band-Double Disc Winners

The Shams (are the real thing!).   All photos by ChiIL Mama.   
Lincoln Hall 1/27/11.   Dbl click for full screen options.

The last of our double disc winners is Laura M. from Whiting, IN.   Congrats!   She's won our 2 adult CDs this month (though the kids are likely to dig 'em, too) by How Far To Austin & The Shams Band.

The Shams Band Update:   
These genre jumping, blues funkin' guys are some serious fun.   They're self labeled "Chicago's original rock folk group".   Whatever you wanna call their style, these boys have style, and we wanna hear MORE of it.

You can check 'em out on UIC Radio today, 4-5pm.  Thanks SLY Radio!

We'll have our own review of The Shams Band's super sweet CD, Champagne, up soon.   If you weren't picked this week, we've got 2 more copies to give away in the future.

You can friend, follow and otherwise stalk these guys in all the usual socially approved ways.   Check 'em out on FB, Twitter My Space, etc. to hear the latest on their scheduled shows.   Check out their website to hear their original music and for a real treat, come on out the 12th or 13th, and see 'em live for free.

Mar 12, 2011Blarney Stone Pub3:30 pm - FREE - 15400 S. Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL
Mar 13, 2011The Whistler9:00 pm - FREE - 2421 N. Milwaukee Ave
Mar 31, 2011Hell's Kitchen10:30 pm - $5 - 80 9th St S Minneapolis, MN
Apr 1, 2011IQ's10:00 pm - FREE - 2105 Univeristy Ave Green Bay, WI
Apr 2, 2011The Lift9:00 pm - $5 - 180 Main st Dubuque, IA

See them live NOW before they're playing $50 arena shows.   Then you can be one of the lucky ones who said, I saw 'em in this little club........back in 2011.....

How Far To Austin:  If you missed our recent coverage, click HERE for live footage, our exclusive video interview with the parents in the band, and our signed CDs/ ticket give away this week only.   Our review of Goodnight Madison will be up in the near future.

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