Thursday, March 17, 2011

6 Degrees of Separation in the Kindie Nation

ChiIL Mama, Candy Band, Little Miss Ann and Sean from Treehouse Flavor 

Kindie mash up.    ChiIL Mama had a chance to shoot these mix n match stills of kindie artists from a variety of bands.    

It truly is a community, where musicians know and support each other and come to each other's shows!    We also saw John from The Poochamungas, one of ChiIL Mama's past Win A Disc Wednesday bands.   You can check out their interview and live show footage on ChiIL Mama's YouTube Channel.   He gave us another of their fun CDs to give away, and we'll have 3 more of Candy Band's latest rockin' release, High Five, for lucky winners in the coming months.

Sunday was so much fun at Beat Kitchen.    It was like a family reunion.
We also saw our friend, Marlo, owner of Psychobaby, whose son was rockin' out with Beat Kitchen owner, Gomez's daughter.  

ChiIL Mama interviewed Candy Band and we'll post that today.   We also shot some fun, live footage of their set and Little Miss Ann's.   We interviewed Candy Band 7 months ago, the last time they came through town and played Kidzapalooza.

It was fun to see so many familiar faces and meet a few new ones, too!    It was sweet to meet Sean from Treehouse Flavor, whom we'll be introducing to our readers with some CD give aways and upcoming shows in the near future.   

Now we've just gotta pair up Candy Band and The Boogers on a double bill and the kindie world will explode.  ChiIL Mama's on a mission...

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