Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Riot Fest Withdrawl? We'll Tell You Where To Go...

Here are our top 3 favorites:

Reggies-great audio in a sweet space, just south of the city.   Highly recommended for the best live punk & metal bands & a variety of other genres.

Late Bar-Wednesdays are garage, punk and R' n 'R, but Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturdays are pretty great, too.    Check the schedule for new wave club classics, subculture Fridays and more.

  • Subculture Fridays. A different subculture event every Friday night...punk, mod, garage, ska, rockabilly, psychobilly, and more!

A night of drinking, dancing, socializing, networking and non-stop music since 1991. For die hard rockabilly devotees and civilian music fans. Over the last decade, this highly organized vibrant jam session, held the first Thursday of every month at Martyrs', has become rockabilly central for many of the musicians & fans of Chicago's American roots scene. 
Although the monthly jam is devoted to rockabilly, the Big C Jamboree has also offered the span of '40's-'50's Amereicn roots music from Hillbilly Boogie to Western Swing, Jump Blues and 1st generation Rock-n-Roll. The night is run swiftly and simply: a host band performs a short set, followed by a myriad of roots musicians who do 3 songs each. 
The party like atmosphere includes socializing, drinking & dancing galore while the rotating line-up onstage usually features the raucous sounds of pompadoured rockabilly musicians wailing away on upright basses and hallow-bodied electric guitars; and there's NEVER a cover! It's one of the most dedicated evenings of music in the city.

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