Monday, October 17, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday--ChiILin' At Primus

The band, Primus, played last Friday at The Congress Theater in Chicago, and we were right there in the pit, documenting it for posterity.   They have a brand newly released album out, Green Naugahyde  

Here's a yellow hued teaser for Mellow Yellow Monday.   We'll have a full photo recap soon.   

During the show, Les gave a shout out to a costumed character we later saw at his car.   He said, "Wow, you dressed up for the show.    Might as well be a giant, tropical fruit."  Orange you glad I didn't say banana.   We're wondering if this is the same infamous banana boy we hung out with and photographed at North Coast Fest.   If so, this slippery character gets around.   But his "appeal" is hard to resist.


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