Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Officially Unofficial Deadmau5 After Party at The Mid (21+)

The Mid & React Present Control Saturdays
The Officially Unofficial Deadmau5 After Party
+ Nathan Scott & Gus Karas
Saturday, October 22nd, React Presents and the Mid welcome Motley Crew’s TOMMY LEE with his DJ partner in crime DJ AERO. This is the Official deadmau5 After Party, and who knows who might show up. Resident DJs Nathan Scott and Gus Karas. Tickets are available now at 
When Tommy Lee and DJ Aero walking into the room, an unmistakable aura of anticipation enshrines the crowd as each person in the darkened club stands alert, hushed. Suddenly, a woman's piercing shriek is followed by a hurried commotion as a tight circle of security guards whisks TOMMY LEE DJ AERO up into the DJ booth. Soon thereafter, the audience is bathed in sweat as AERO continues dropping annihilating beats and searing riffs for LEE to tweak and warp until every last pair of hands is in-the-air. TOMMY LEE is no stranger to moving an audience to exaltation, but when joined with AERO as electronic dance music DJs, few others are as entertaining.
Today, TOMMY LEE & DJ AERO are essentially remixing music live, on-the-fly, when performing as DJs. They're also creating, manipulating and incorporating visuals into their live DJ sets. This is deejaying as a multi-media show bordering on performance art. It's what TOMMY LEE & DJ AERO are about. Fellow DJs/producers, ERICK MORILLOSHARAM(DEEP DISH) and ADAM FREELAND are frequent collaborators and visitors to TOMMY LEE's home, where his full commercial-quality studio is almost always in use. 
AERO said, "When deejaying, I'm using Traktor Scratch Pro to control the music. Basically, I select the next track, send the signal to Tommy, and he does whatever the hell he wants with it and sends that effected signal back to me. I use the mixer to control what the room hears. When we're onstage, we're mixing and creating audio and video content. We're really busy up there! We're not having cocktails and blowing air-kisses to the girls."
For more information on birthday packages and table reservations, call 312.265.3990 x3. Tickets are available now at 
The Mid
306 North Halsted
Chicago, IL 60661
10 PM - 5 AM | 21+

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