Monday, October 31, 2011

Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies Halloween Show-Got A Monster In Me (LIVE video)-Punkin' Prom

 Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies Halloween Show at Beat Kitchen-Got A Monster In Me

Punkin' Prom
I'm tempted to print that Punkin' Prom's 2nd year at Lincoln Hall was terrible and tell everyone to stay away, but I can not tell a lie.   Despite the fear that our awesome little secret will be out, making this event overrun and crazy next year, it was awesome and deserves some kudos.    Thanks Miss Mia and Ratso for a fabulous free event.    We got HUGE pumpkins and kits to take home for a tiny little sum of $5.    The band, The Cell Phones, was a hoot!    And everyone had  a rockin' time with the dance party, costume contest and pumpkin carving/contest.    They shot footage for an upcoming Chic-A-Go-Go episode, so keep your eyes peeled.

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