Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Play Locally-Last Full Moon Fire Jam Tonight at 8PM

photo credit:   full moon fire jam facebook page

The Full Moon is here, along with the last Full Moon Fire Jam of 2011!
Come out to enjoy one of the FINEST ways to spend your Chicago evening.

Tuesday Oct 11th
Jam starts at 8pm

Here's what the Chicago Fire Tribe have to say:   It's been an amazing year of growth for us all!  New spinners have come out, new drummers and we have grown even larger with grace and style.  Can you believe that around 1000 people come out each Jam to watch and enjoy the beautiful summer evenings!  

Thank you to everyone who has supported us through the years, we couldn't have done it without you!

Please join our facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/chicagofullmoonjam/  to stay up-to-date in the moment about the jam schedule and also weather updates.  

If your friends are not on our email list, please ask them to join.  Its a great way for us to be able to stay in touch with you.  fullmoonjam-subscribe@pyrotechniq.org

We know that you might go through jam withdrawal  this winter... sorry we will be too!   So snuggle up with your loved ones and enjoy some family time.  We will all be preparing for the start of Jam season in April (weather depending). 

and now.. for all the usual important information.. please read below. 

Arrive around 7:30pm  The Jam will start around 8pm

Jam ends by 10:15pm and everyone must be out of the park by 11:00pm
: leave no trace : no alcohol etc. : rain or shine : photography = no flash :

Full Moon Jams are a community event:  Fire Spinners from Chicago and
beyond gather together, with the passion filled music from local
drummers to share with you their combined passions.  The result:  an
evening of beautiful flames, dances, music and laughter.

The jams always start around the time of the sunset. and always end by
10:15pm.  Everyone must be in their cars and out of the park by 11:00pm.

Jam happen rain or shine... but please know that these events, despite
their size, are informal in many ways.  No one fire spinner or drummer
is required to come and share gifts at the jam.  Thus.. sometimes
there are less drummers and sometimes their are less fire spinners.
This is just how it is.

If you are a fire spinner and are not on the Chicago Fire Tribe email
group ... please email chicagofiretribe@gmail.com and introduce
yourself, so we can add you to the list of fellow fire friends here in

The Jam is open to everyone and anyone.  It is a free event and will
continue to be.  This event is NOT organized by the City of Chicago..
it is put together by a community of fire loving friends.

Important things to know about the Jam
... and please help everyone know these important things. -The Jams
are a family event... please no alcohol

-The Jams have worked hard to develop a great working and
understanding relationship with Local Area Police... please be kind to
them, they are our friends.

-We encourage everyone to take pictures at the Jams, but we have found
that flash photography is disruptive to the event and to our flow.
Please turn off the flash feature of any camera you bring! Tag us with
(chifire) and (full moon jam) on any photos you post online, or email
us at chicagofiretribe@gmail.com so we can share talents.

-The Jams are a LEAVE NO TRACE event... this means... pack it in, pack
it out.  Please clean up after yourselves and if you see and litter,
please help and clean it up.

The Location of the Jam
This is the actual address of the field where the jam is held:

5050 N. Simonds Dr Chicago, IL 60640
west side of Simonds Dr

please note::: The jam is NOT! at Foster Ave Beach.. it is South of
the beach, on the west side of the path.

<http://www.googlemaps.com/> and plug in the address.

Foster Ave and the Lake front.. . *not the beach!*
Lake Shore Drive to Foster Ave, turn right and go east (towards the
Lake) on Foster Ave.
When the street curves around to the right, follow it. The jam is 1/4
a mile down the path on the west side of the street.

Red Line to Argyle or Berwyn
Walk to Foster Ave - if at Argyle stop, go North; if at Berwyn stop,
go South to Foster.
Then walk east on Foster till you hit the Lake front and follow the
path as it curves around to the right (south)
We are 1/2 a mile down the path.

More info:

the Chicago Fire Tribe

We perform fire as an art form, with passion, 
anytime, anywhere, for any reason. 

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