Monday, October 31, 2011

Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies Cover The Cramps-Goo Goo Muck, LIVE Concert Video & Photo Filled Redmoon Theatre Halloween Recap

We're huge fans of The Cramps and White Stripes, so we were stoked to hear Mr. Singer and The Sharp Cookies cover both at their Halloween Beat Kitchen show yesterday.   The show was so much fun!

We also had fun Friday at Redmoon Theatre's Halloween Party.   I'm a sucker for fire shows, so that was fun, and it was OK for what it was--basically a free dance party with DJ, cash bar and super short, very similar shows throughout the evening.   The shows were basically one opera singer, a musician on theremin/keyboard and fountains of fire.   We had a good time and ran into a lot of friends there.

However, drink lines were brutally long, the event wasn't kid friendly, and it wasn't the creative, interactive theatre spectacle of Halloweens past by a long shot.   Still, if they did it again and made clear what it was, I'd go again if they quadrupled the bar tenders and varied the entertainment a bit more.

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