Saturday, October 22, 2011

Photo Filled Recap-Las Guitarras De España Live at Martyrs'-10-13-11

Las Guitarras De España with friends Mehran and El Payo-a nite of excellent, world class, Flamenco Fusion at Martyrs'.

Martyr's welcomed back Las Guitarras De España with friends Mehran and El Payo for a night of "world music"-infused Flamenco Rock on Thursday, Oct. 13 for a thoroughly enjoyable multicultural melding of a show. 

El Payo is a popular Rumba/Nuevo Flamenco-Fusion group based in Chicago. Their distinct sound is infused with elements of rock, salsa, ska, reggae and, of course, some Flamenco.

Las Guitarras de España (The Guitars of Spain) is a "world music" ensemble, with a "Spanish guitar twist," that performs a fusion of Cuban son, rumba, R&B, Latin-jazz, blues, and African percussion with an underlying flamenco music and dance focus. “Tantas Cosas,” the fifth CD release by Las Guitarras de Espana, features compositions by longtime collaborator Patricia Ortega.

Mehran is an Iranian born Flamenco guitarist who resides in the US. He has been performing in the Chicago music scene on various levels and capacities since the late 80s.

All three ensembles have released critically acclaimed CDs in the last year and each group presented a unique take on the Spanish guitar genre. Jazz, Rock, Ska, Reggae, Blues, along with Indian and African elements, came together for a fantastic night of music.
Check out their websites for ordering information and upcoming shows.

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