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WIN: Let's Imagine Elmo ($39.99) & Littlest Pet Shop Style Set ($39.99) #giveaway #ChiILHolidaze #Discount #HasbroChicago

Hot Hasbro Toys for 2014-15

Here at ChiIL Mama, it was our great pleasure to be invited out to play with Hasbro and their hottest toys for the season at Blokes and Birds Public House in Chicago earlier this year. We're giving away 2 fun toys worth $80 & Hasbro has a 20% discount on just about everything. Scroll down for details.

It was such a fun night of creating and hands on fun. Check out our full photo recap slide show and favorite shots below.

Disclosure: It's our pleasure to partner up with Hasbro for the 2nd year now. They have provided us samples for our giveaway and for review purposes. As always, all opinions are our own.

Enter here for your chance to win!
We're giving away two Hasbro favorites that are on many kids' wish lists this season. Enter through midnight 12/17. Open nationwide.

Playskool Sesame Street
Let's Imagine Elmo ($39.99)

Photo Credit: Kenaz-Mara 2014

Elmo has 4 interactive play modes
  • Interact with Elmo by tickling him, bouncing him, or squeezing his nose
  • Elmo plays "Prince Elmo Says"
  • Elmo counts up to 20 with your little one
  • Elmo plays a sounds-of-the-sea identification game
  • Includes Elmo, cowboy hat, sea captain's hat, crown, and instructions
Playskool Sesame Street Let's Imagine Elmo
Let's Imagine Elmo is trying on different fun hats, and he's inviting your little one to sing, count, and play along with him! Whether he's a counting cowboy, playful prince, singing sea captain, or just being himself, Elmo has 4 playful interactive modes with games, songs, and actions.

Elmo has his very own segment on Sesame Street called Elmo the Musical where he loves to pretend. With Let's Imagine Elmo, your little one can get in on some of his adventures! Each hat unlocks a different play mode for your child to join and start the fun! When your little one puts the crown on Elmo, he pretends to be Prince Elmo and plays a game of "Prince Elmo Says." Put on the cowboy hat, and Cowboy Elmo counts up to 20 with your child and then sings a reward song when they reach 20. The sea captain's hat lets Elmo imagine he's an ocean-going captain, and he'll start up a sounds-of-the-sea identification game. When Elmo isn't wearing a hat, he still loves to interact with your child by getting bounced, tickled, and having his nose squeezed!

Sesame Street and associated characters, trademarks and design elements are owned and licensed by Sesame Workshop. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

Littlest Pet Shop Style Set  ($39.99)

  • Littlest Pet Shop Style Set includes more than 135 pieces to build a shop and accessorize it
  • Includes exclusive Minka Mark, Kittery Banter and Sunil Nevla pets
  • Build the shop with sliding panels and accessorize with Deco Bits and stickers
  • Set includes unassembled style set, 3 pets, Deco Bits, stickers, accessories and instructions

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Here's some of our Instagram Fun from the Hasbro Chicago Party:

For those of you with the burning question.... what the heckamoley IS that thing?! I'm glad you asked. It's a Chomp and Stomp Grimlock. #HasbroChicago

Want one just so I have an excuse to say "Chomp and Stomp Grimlock" in casual conversation. Who names these toys?! #HasbroChicago

My new favorite exclamation... "sweet wall of swag bags! !" #HasbroChicago

Chiilmama ChiILin with Elmo in Chi IL & we're giving one away soon! #HasbroChicago

Yes. .. Yes I did. After seeing the divers in the awesome round tank at Shedd Aquarium. I did grow up to work at Shedd in pr in the early 90 and I did tank dive in shallow reefs off Oahu. #HasbroChicago

Getting artsy with Play Doh. My daughter was sooooo excited we get to review one. #DohVinci 

More of Our Hasbro Favs:

Thanks for the Chi, IL love Play-Doh. Chicago is the home of some of the deepest delicious pizza and the tallest buildings on the planet!

We're really digging the new Doh Vinci line!

Reimagined classics. We're also excited about this version of Monopoly that's customizable. The personalized squares can interchangeably be pawns or place markers. Kudos to Hasbro for the personal touch. This game for our Chicago event was full of bloggers! See me?

The new My Monopoly board game allows you to create a personalized Monopoly game in just minutes. Download the free My Monopoly app or visit to set up an account and personalize property spaces, game tokens, Community Chest and Chance cards to use in the My Monopoly board game.

We also dig the new twist on Simon, Taboo, Trivial Pursuit and more. These are self contained so great to bring on road trips or to gatherings, because there are no pieces or cards to lose.

Rock your inner archer or prep for the zombie apocalypse with these fun Nerf creations including:

Nerf Mega ThunderBow Blaster

Great for indoor active fun. We love that the darts are soft so they don't hurt people or things and they don't have suction to stick to ceilings for ever! Yep. Been there... done that. 

 Rebelle line 

Corporate Social Responsibility
Hasbro is committed to being an ethical and responsible company and is a recognized toy industry leader in the areas of product safety, environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing and philanthropy.

Disclosure: Once again, it's our pleasure to partner up with Hasbro for the 2nd year now. They have provided us samples for our giveaway and for review purposes. As always, all opinions are our own.

Check back with us and enter like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often. It's rewarding! ChiIL Mama's Holidaze 12 Days of Giveaways is on through December 17th, with loads of great daily giveaways, flash giveaways on Facebook/Twitter, gift guide ideas, and holiday happenings in Chi, IL and beyond. All giveaways are open nationwide. Here's the master link where ALL our 12 Days of Giveaways Are Added.

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