Monday, December 19, 2011

Over $420 Ginormous Holidaze Gift Give Away Winners Are Here!

Big Congrats to all of ChiIL Mama's Ginormous Holidaze Give Away Winners!

1.  Music DVDs:  New York Dolls "Lookin' Fine on Television" ($14.95)--Sherry C.   *check out our DVD coverage here
2.  Music DVDs:  X "The Unheard Music" ($16.96)--Lori M.  
*check out our DVD coverage here
3.  4 Award Winning PopCaps Downloads Mac or PC:  Plants Vs. Zombies, Bookworm Adventures, Bejewled 3, & Peggle($60)--Najib H.   *check out our Plants Vs. Zombies coverage here.   The other 3 game reviews will be up this week. 
4.  Activision DS Game:  Squinkies w/ ultra rare 3 piece toy set & 9 piece squinkies tiny toys ($46)--Alicia S.
5.  Activision DS Game:   Wappie Dog - physical dog toy and virtual game ($50)--Melissa S.

6.  Activision DS Game:   Lalaloopsy game w/ figure & Mini Lalaloopsy "Pillow Featherbed" ($48)--Lisa V.

7.  Activision DS Game:   Zoobles! ($30)--Teresa O.
8.  Activision DS Game:   ZhuZhu Babies  ($30)--Melissa S.

9.  Activision DS Game:   Moshi Monsters Moshling Zoo ($30)--Rachel G.

10.  Recipe Book:   Strawberry Recipies for Every Day (California Strawberry Commission)--Amanda J.

11.  6 CDs:    Soul-R&B-Blues-Rock including, 
Fitz and The Tantrums,  How Far To Austin,  The Shams Band, Zach Heckendorf, Pinto & The Bean & The Future Laureates (over $70)--Aimee O.   

*We have loads of live videos, pit photos, band video interviews and CD reviews.   Check out the archives at the bottom of the page or use the search bar to the right.   We post upcoming shows, introduce new music, and give you breaking music news for alt-rock-metal-punk-funk-blues/bluegrass-and more, including bands for adults & kids.   All are posted at ChiIL and archived at our sister site, ChiIL Live
12.  Toy:   Vapor Atlas 250 Blaster with evaporating gel ammo by Razor-ages 14+ ($20)--Meg M.
13.  Game:   Hike 7+ by Moosetache Games ($10.95)--Nicole F.   *Check out our feature on Hike and Rowboat right here.

We'll have full reviews, links and purchasing information for all the rest of our great, Ginormous Holidaze sponsors up this week.   Thanks for playing and happy holidays all.  Winners--we'll get those prizes in the mail to you in plenty of time for Christmas.   Enjoy!

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