Friday, December 23, 2011

Craftsman Experience (Photo Filled Recap)

We truly had a bash at The Craftsman Holiday Blogger Bash.  It was great to see so many friends from the blogosphere in person at ChiTAG (The Chicago Toy and Game Fair) earlier that day, and then again that night at Craftsman.  If you're taking a tip from Santa's elves and getting DIY crafty with the gifts this year, Craftsman Experience is an indispensable resource for the holidays and 2012!   Thanks to Kim Moldofsky of Mom Impact for hosting and appearing as a guest on the informative shelf building episode, seen below.

We'll absolutely plan to come back.  In the meantime we'll tune in for helpful tips.   With a 100 year old home, there's always something....and in our spare time between home improvement projects we're pretty crafty.   Craftsman has a great space and a fun show.   We especially dug Santa's diamond plate sleigh!!

6 Degrees of Separation:  
We were amused to recognize a couple familiar faces from Kenmore Live Studio down the block, where we've been in the studio audience for a few shows.   Craftsman Live is close by and they're neighborly.   We were neighborly ourselves and said hey.   

The next day, we were at ChiTAG, for the 2nd day, and saw these two characters yet again!   I grinned and told them I was stalking them.   

When I got home and was editing the stills, it got even weirder, still.   My husband saw their shots from ChiTAG and recognized them from our footage of Soul Sonic Sirkus at Folk and Roots Fest!   

Turns out these two are involved with Midnight Circus!  We know a number of others over there.   Dug did sound for a movie Julie Greenberg was an actress in, back in the day, & juggler Brian P. Dailey teaches our kids juggling at CircEsteem!   That particular show also featured musicians Mars Williams (Liquid Soul, Psychadelic Furs) & our friend, Jeff Parker (Tortoise).   It was also the last time we saw infamous Chicago character, Lee Groban, who just passed away this month and "shreddy shirt boy", Mat (with one T).   Sometimes Chi-town can be such a small town for a big city.



  1. Hey Bonnie!

    Just an FYI that I am using your post in a write-up. And I also wanted to point out that I was co-host of the blogger event with Kim. ;) But, thanks for coming and for sharing a blurb on your blog!


  2. Any time, Kris. Didn't mean to skip you as co-host!!