Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dinner at Reza's With Social Rev Up and CadillacRocks# (photo filled feature)

We had a great dinner Monday night, with many of our blogger and press friends, Social Rev Up, and "Cadillac Connie" herself.     

Usually, here at ChiIL Mama and ChiIL Live Shows, we have rock stars on the other side of our lens, but for one night we set our sites on the rock star of the automotive world, Cadillac.    We got to see the rockin' new Escalade, choice of many celebs and rockers with families to protect.   Their safety features are state of the art.   And their luxury items are pretty sweet, too.   Who wouldn't want heated seats, heated steering wheel, and heated/or cooled cup holders for Chi-town's extreme seasons!   

 Social Rev Up's Rock Stars, Dwana and MJ (on the left)

We enjoyed a tasty dinner at one of the city's best Middle Eastern restaurants, Reza's.   We frequent their Andersonville location, but this time we were in the gorgeous, spacious River North restaurant on Ontario.  Then we had our cake and ate it too, with desserts from both Reza's and Bleeding Heart Bakery.   They won a "Cadillac of Cakes" contest not too long ago, and are one of our favorite "Punk Rock Purveyors of Pasteries" in town.   Word is, the owner Vinny made this cake for us himself!   

We were in good company with Chi-Town's top movers and shakers of social media including The Mafia Hairdresser, whose first book we recently finished, thoroughly enjoyed, and will be reviewing here.   

Speaking of books, the evening also had a philanthropic bent, with book donations for another of our long time favs, Open Books!

These are our good Canon camera shots.   We'll have smart phone video and more phone photos for you shortly.   Cadillac, thanks for the lovely, informative evening of networking and noshing!    Happy holidays to all.

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