Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Christmas Story The Musical: Chicago Locals in the Cast Including Gene Weygandt and 3 Eleven Year Olds!

ChiIL Mama was elated to get to chat with Chicago locals in A Christmas Story The Musical.   We had a great interview with three 11 year olds and renowned Chi-Town actor and dad, Gene Weygandt.    He was a familiar face as we'd just seen him in Working and Wicked.    He was also a prime candidate for our ongoing series of interview questions on "How Creatives Parent and How Parents Create", since he has a 13 year old son at home. (*Apologies for the background noise.   All 3 of my regular sound guys and back ups were on other shoots, so I had to run with the camera mic, and the press can be a chatty crowd!)

When we interviewed these Chicago natives, they were just 2 weeks into the rehearsal process, here in town, and about to embark on a whirlwind adventure of a tour.    Now, they've been living their parts since just before Halloween, a full two months before Christmas, and they're coming back home again to bring us into the holiday home stretch.   A Christmas Story The Musical opens tomorrow at The Chicago Theatre, for a two week run, through Dec. 30th.   Enjoy!

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