Tuesday, July 5, 2011

i ♥ Faces--Red, White and Blue-66th Breakfast in the Park

66th Breakfast in the Park, photo credit:    Kenaz-Mara 2011   ChiILMama.com
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Hope everyone had a star spangled 4th.   We began celebrating Saturday morning in Cincinnati, where a patriotic, private "4th of July weekend breakfast in the park" has been going on SIXTY SIX years.    Only 3 of the originals are left--including my Mom who was 7 years old at the inaugural one.   This one included 2 main families with 4 generations related to the originals and ages ranging from, I believe, 96 to 1.   We also had Cliff, a close family friend and retired Marine from World War II, who was attending his 65th breakfast in the park.

The 3rd and 4th, we were back in Chicago, where we enjoyed a ton of fireworks displays from our back yard.   Individuals stepped up to fill the void of the 2nd year black out of the official Chicago fireworks.    Click below to check out more red, white and blue fun at I ♥ Faces.