Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ABC Wednesday--A & B are for......

We're so close to the start of Round 9, that we'll squeak in with a two-fer.    They are related and relate to one of our favorite places in the whole city of Chicago.

A is for Absolutely and Agent

B is for Boring Store

Both refer to fronts for 826Chi, an amazingly cool, creative writing center for kids from 6-18.   They're part of 826National, a nationwide non-profit organization started by writer, Dave Eggers, that runs free workshops and tutoring.   The Boring Store sells secret agent supplies and proceeds from all sales go right to 826Chi for their writing programs.  We've been going there for years and still laugh at their great awning.

For more alphabetical posts every Wednesday, check in with ABC Wednesdays.  Follow along or jump right in and play, too.    It's a multicultural feast from around the world and a whole lotta fun.


  1. These days I am having too much fun, ummm maybe what I need is a boring store to go to and slow down. lol

  2. Those are both hysterically funny marketing ploys.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Love this, how funny! How creative!

  4. Thanks for visiting me (the collage) and I enjoyed your two-fer. I've heard of the "boring" store in other cities and think it's a great idea!

  5. This was news to me--great idea. Leave it to Chi-town to jump on board [bored, get it?!]