Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Danse Skitz from BONEdanse

Here's #6 in the awesome Danse Skitz series from BONEdanse.    This one's shot close to home at Logan Skate Park.    ChiIL Mama will have a big, photo filled feature from Logan Skate Park posted in the very near future.   We shot the big Maloof Board/Vans Competition there, earlier this summer, and had a blast.    

BONEdanseurs: Janna Barta, Anita Fillmore, Atalee Judy, & Mindy Meyers
Music: excerpts from "How to Quit Your Habit" Spoken Word LP by Earl Nightingale & "Anthrax" by Gang of Four
Sound/Video Editing & Costumes/Puppet: Atalee Judy
Choreography: Atalee Judy (with movement contribution from danseurs)
Videography: Carl Wiedemann
Location: Logan Square Skate Park , Chicago.

Here's a message from Atalee Judy, Artistic Director of BONEdanse--

Your donation to BONEdanse can now be matched dollar for dollar IF we reach our goal of $2500 by August 31st. Thank you to all of you who have already donated, we have put you on our donors list & program information.

We have raised $700. We still have a ways to go...please consider donating what you can. Even $10 is important. And now, doubly so.

Are you enjoying watching our weekly Danse Skitz's? We'd love to hear from you! We're doing these odd little videos for numerous reasons; to keep things interesting, to challenge ourselves, to share a bit of art with you, and to help develop a new evening length work. This current snippet is an excerpt culled from our newest performance piece and will be performed in it's entirety for The Other Dance Festival Sept 15/16. 

Hope you Enjoy! 
~Atalee Judy
 Artistic Director of BONEdanse | Breakbone DanceCo.

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