Saturday, May 21, 2011

Play Locally: Saturday-Post Rapture Party Time

Too many great things are going down today.    We just got back from being thoroughly impressed by a scrappy band of rabbits at Lifeline Theatre's  Jeff nominated Watership Down.   We'll have a full review up soon.    Suffice it to say, this production far exceeded our expectations and we expect a lot from Lifeline, having seen what excellent literary adaptations they're capable of over the years.   We'd list this under highly recommended for the 10 and up set, with the caution that even my 10 year old said it was a bit scary, sad and intense.   Although he also thought it was excellent and was glad he went.


  • The Shams-one of our feature bands this month is having a fun shindig tonight at Beauty Bar (1444 W. Chicago) and also celebrating finishing a new album.

    Here's what they've got to say:

    We have finished our first full length record! We are calling it Get After It. Cause you should.

    To celebrate, we will be hosting a listening party at Beauty Bar from 8-9 in which we will be spinning all 12 of the new tracks for you.

    But we wont be doing it alone.....

    Our 4th darling, producer Mitchell Cepaitis (Narwhal Audio) will be mixing the record specifically for the evening and adding that extra touch of love to the room with his critical ears and magic touch on the mixer!

    Now the drink situation....

    HOSTED BAR FROM 8-9!!!
    (And you guessed it. Ice Cold Old Style!)

    Come out and check it out before seeing us at the Empty Bottle on May 27th.

    Kisses and Knife Fights,

    Ornery Little Darlings

  • Tonight, another one of our favorites, Rubblebucket, plays Martyrs' at 9:30 for $15.

  • We're heading off to a grown up friend's birthday party up north and we'll see what else we can squeeze in on 2 hours of sleep after last night's Urge Overkill show at Bottom Lounge.   We'll have a full feature on UO's new album and a photo filled recap of the show up as soon as I get some sleep.