Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sharp as a Tack-New Brain Gain Game in Chi-Town

We're looking forward to President's day this year.   Du-Jay and Sagezilla will be at Sharp as a Tack, honing their skills and growing their brains in two fun workshops on a couple of their favorite subjects.    At the ripe old ages of 8 & 10, they've already collaborated on 3 novels for Youth Nanowrimo, an international November challenge to write an entire novel in 30 days.    They then adapted one of the stories into a short, shadow puppet play and performed it for their Montessori school.   They've also been designing a card game over the winter, so they're stoked to check out the young inventors workshop as well.   Check out Sharp as a Tack's main site for all the details.

ChiIL Mama will be checking out Sharp as a Tack's space today, so we'll have photos and more details up soon.   They'll be having an open house and community game night February 23rd, so everyone interested can swing by and meet the staff.

What they're all about-from Sharp as a Tack's Site:
Recent research in the fields of Neuroscience, Psychology and Education have acknowledged the significant benefits that board games have on not only a child’s cognitive development and their brain’s motor functions, but also on important life skills such as patience, cooperation, concentration, teamwork and perseverance. They also help to develop leadership skills. 

Sharp As A Tack’s main mission is to help students improve academic achievement by developing their cognitive abilities and to help them develop important life skills that will lead to a lifetime of successes in the classroom, in the community and within their families.

A secondary mission of Sharp As A Tack is to foster an environment that will help improve students’ self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence, as well as to provide a venue to develop interpersonal skills such as communication, cooperation, teamwork and leadership.

Sharp As A Tack’s cognitive development programs offer a unique opportunity for students to develop those skills and abilities in a setting that is, well... just plain fun!

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  1. President's Day workshops are geared toward 2nd through 6th graders.