Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Led Zeppelin 2 at House of Blues Chicago 1-14-12 (live show photos)

Here's a full set of ChiIL Live Shows' pit photos from Saturday's sold out Led Zeppelin 2 show at House of Blues Chicago 1-14-12.   Double click the slideshow for SmugMug and more settings, including easy share options.   We'll be putting up a "best of" much smaller set from this show as well, but these guys were so much fun to shoot and we got so many sweet shots, we didn't want to decimate it down to just a few pictures.   Enjoy!

Here's a video from their recent Ft. Lauderdale, Florida shows and Stairway to Heaven below, so you can get a taste of their live shows.   Check out their Zep2 YouTube Channel for more.

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