Monday, February 20, 2012

BONEdanse-This Is A Damage Manual (photo filled feature)

BONEdanse--This is a Damage Manual was so excellent I came back for the closing performance in Theater Wit's space and brought Sagezilla, too. 

There were quite a few kids in the Sunday afternoon audience and she thoroughly enjoyed the show (and the bone candy & skull shaped lollipops at the afterparty).  

I figured she'd dig the show, since at age 8, she's all about 80's punk, grrrl power, and being mighty, and Atalee Judy and her troupe are some of the mightiest. 

We also did a little shop therapy and increased our BONEware wardrobes by another tee and a fleece.

Their run at The Wit is over, but they do have some exciting shows coming up at Viaduct Theatre and in conjunction with the Chicago Park District.  

Check out their main site for details and follow them on Facebook, to stay up to date.

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