Saturday, February 11, 2012

Advanced Auto Parts Monster Truck Jam Rolls Outta Chi-Town Sunday!

Check out all of ChiIL Mama's live show shots above.    Monster Jam's sooo much fun to shoot.   Dbl click the slide show to get to SmugMug's easy sharing and more options.

Monster Jam is a car crushin', dirt throwin', tire spinnin', truck jumpin' fun for all.   We had a blast at opening night Friday!    If you haven't gone yet, today's the last day for Chicago, unless you want to wait till next year.   Final Chi-Town shows are Sunday at 2pm & 7:30pm at Allstate Arena.

Helpful hint:   Bring ear protection.   Eh, what was that?    I said, you'll be regretting not throwing in earplugs for everyone.   What?! I can't hear you over the deafening roar of those powerful truck engines.   I SAID....BRING EARPLUGS!  YOU CAN BUY SOME FUN TIRE SHAPED ONES ON SITE FOR $20, BUT IF YOU'D RATHER SPEND THE CASH ON A COOL SHIRT YOU CAN WEAR MORE OFTEN OR A CREEPY SNO CONE CUP, THEN BRING YOUR OWN EARPLUGS.
Check out our past coverage here for our discount ticket code and photo filled feature from last year.

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  1. GREAT pic's and Thanks for stopping by. I'm always wanting to meet other Chicago Bloggers. Hope to meet up soon.