Thursday, December 6, 2018

ART BEAT: Serge Maheu's Free Interactive Art Installation Passage to Open at Navy Pier Through Sunday, January 6th, 2019

Navy Pier’s Interactive and Multi-Sensory Free Public Art Installation
Passage Opens Friday, December 7

ChiIL Mama will be ChiILin' at Navy Pier tomorrow for the press preview of Winter Wonderfest. While we're there, we plan to check out Passage as well. 

Presented in partnership with Illuminart and creator Serge Maheu, Passage is interactive artwork that stimulates the emotional connection between sound and light.  The installation consists of 20 circles that form a tunnel of light, animations and sound as you pass through it to create a playful, multi-sensory experience.

Opens Friday, December 7 and will be on display at Navy Pier through Sunday, January 6. Navy Pier’s South Dock | 600 East Grand Avenue, Chicago, Ill. 60611

BACKGROUND: Created by Canadian computer engineer and artist Serge Maheu and produced by Montréal-based Illuminart, Passage is an immersive, interactive and minimalist work of art that explores the connections between light and sound. With each step, guests will experience a new configuration of the installation with its own dynamic ambience.

Throughout the creative process for Passage, Maheu utilized his multi-disciplinary background to visually and audibly portray the interpretation of the word, “passage,” which is defined as the act of moving though or past something, or transitioning from one place to another. Through intricate design and a unique blend of colors, light and sound, Maheu has created a personal, playful and multisensory experience for guest interaction and engagement.

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