Monday, June 17, 2013

Lucky 13 #Durex #GetCloserGoFurther #Ad

We just celebrated our 13th anniversary.   Sure, it's not as impressive as my parents who just celebrated their 50th...but I never thought I'd still be so in love and lust after more than 15 years with the same person.

Relationships take work... and play.  I've heard it said many times that the brain is the biggest sex organ, so we were stoked to get to play with a sensory stimulating array of fun item from Durex that sparked our creativity and used all of our senses.   Before this campaign, I knew Durex made excellent condoms, but I had no idea they made so many other romantic and sexy goodies.

We are pretty excited to partner up with Durex on their Get Closer Go Farther campaign for a series of sponsored posts.   We're stoked to share our own success story with you, as well as some relationship "sparks" and interesting stats from Durex.   We love to converse with our readers, too.   Please use the comments section below and we'll reply to everyone.   Share your favorite food, fun and foreplay ideas for creative date nights.

We're both busy professionals and parents, so the days of late date nights, sleeping in, and dining out aren't as easy and often as they used to be.   I'm an entertainment and travel writer/photographer/videographer who interviews rock stars and my husband is in the TV industry and travels the world on shoots.   Last month, our careers took us both out of town independently, and over a 14 day period, we only got to spend 2 days together.   You better believe we made those two days count!

Durex has some excellent sparks above, and we enjoyed trying all of these out , along with fun goodies from our Durex tool kit like massage oil, chocolate body paint, mixed drinks, aphrodisiac recipes, and fun dare cards.   During the 12 days work forced us apart, we still flirted on the phone & Skype and hid mini love notes from the Durex "Kind Notes" Jar in each other's luggage.   

Although it's tough to be apart all the time, it works for us, as it gives us time to miss each other.   And the times we are together take on a new urgency if we know we'll be apart for days.   There's something to be said for passionate goodbyes and hot welcome backs.

I'm a sucker for a good massage and will literally melt.   I lucked out in that department 'cause I married the son of a massage therapist who used to teach students and have them practice on him, back in the day.   He "absorbed" the lessons, too, and is beyond excellent.   He's not a bad cook either, although he's a straight up beer man when it comes to bar tending.   But I can mix a drink a heck of a lot easier than giving myself a back rub, so that's not a deal breaker.      

Wanna put a spark back in your long term love life or ignite something new for singles & those starting over?   Visit for more information about their products and ways to get closer with your partner!

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About Durex

With over 80 years experience bringing couples together, we know our way around the bedroom. Sex is an endless journey, one we are happy to embark on. Which is why Durex® is always inspiring new ways to help couples connect between the sheets, or above them, or not anywhere near them at all.

Disclaimer: I received a “Play Together, Stay Together” Toolkit from Durex for the purpose of this campaign.  All opinions are 100% my own!

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