Thursday, June 27, 2013

Celebrate The Blackhawks Swedes #StanleyCup #Blackhawks #Swedish #Swedes

Worlds Collide Alert:   Join Us to Celebrate the Swedish Players of the Chicago Blackhawks
Friday, June 28, 10 a.m. (or earlier)

All photos by Bonnie Kenaz-Mara-- ©    All Rights Reserved

Dugan rockin' a Swedish hockey sweater (jersey)
Little Sage says a super loud, hilarious announcerly "Joooooooohnny Oduuuuuuuuuya" that has us on the floor laughing.   Maybe she'll do it at the parade.

It's a given we're huge hockey fans and plan to be at the victory parade.   We also happen to be 1/2 Swedish and proud of it.   So just in case you happen to be both....   We're crazy impressed with all the Blackhawks and more than happy to celebrate our rockin' Swedes on the team.

Bring your Swedish Flag and celebrate the Swedish Players and their Blackhawks Stanley Cup 2013 Trophy. We will gather at the northwest corner of Randolph and Michigan, by 150 N. Michigan, known to many as the Swedish Consulate Office building.

Wear something Swedish - Bring a Swedish Flag!!

We're fond of Swede, Pippi Longstocking ourselves.   Bet she's a Blackhawks fan and an awesome kick bootie, grrrrl power role model too!

Sage (as Pippi for Halloween) & Nakama

Here are my kids in Sweden in 2010,  riding a giant iconic Dala horses and painting their own!

All photos by Bonnie Kenaz-Mara-- ©    All Rights Reserved

Click here for map of parade route - MAP

Bonus Points if you can name any/all of the current Swedes on the Stanley Cup winning Blackhawks Team in the comments section below.   And......GO.

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