Monday, June 13, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday--ChiILin' With Great Divide, How Far to Austin, Van Ghost at The House of Blues, Chicago

A lot of people think shoe shots are misfires, accidental snaps when the camera should have been off.    But I love to shoot shoes on purpose.   It fascinates me, especially during concerts, to see what the musicians choose to put on their feet.    Do they go for fashion over comfort or vice versa.   A surprising number play bare foot.   Do they start in cool but painful looking heels and kick them off part way through?    (I was bonked by a flying heel in the photo pit at HOB Saturday.)    What connects people's bodies to the ground?   What grounds people?   See if you can figure out whose shoes are whose...    

Click below for more Mellow Yellow Monday fun from around the world.    Check out Great Divide HEREVan Ghost HERE and How Far to Austin HERE , for tour dates, song samples and more.   It was also a CD release party for Ben Ripani.   Check out his site HERE.   We'll have a photo filled recap up in the very near future, both here on ChiIL Mama and on our live show archives, ChiIL Live