Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy 2nd International Young Ones Status/Wall Video Day!

Celebrate 2nd International Young Ones Status/Wall Video Day! TUESDAY 21ST JUNE on Facebook.  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=199189310117425

We've loved the show The Young Ones since it originally aired in 1982.   Part of the joy of having young ones of your own is introducing them to all the weird, cool stuff you love.   And whether they love it or leave it or respond with a resounding "Meh" it's great to have an excuse to revisit your own old favs. 

We're raising an 8 year old daughter who's an old school 80's punk rocker who likes to headbutt things, and a 10 year old aspiring hippy, who not only looks like a young Neil, but he talks like him and acts like him, too (without the suicidal tendencies).    In fact we often say, "Ok Neil." to him when he's being particularly mopey and self sacrificing.  

We've been extra amused revisiting The Young Ones, in light of the fact we're raising the next gen young Vyvyan and Neil.   So it surprised me a bit that the kids were bored by the episodes while we were on the floor laughing.    Maybe they just have to grow into them.    A few years back we played them Monty Python's Holy Grail and they were apathetic.    We broke it out again this year and they loved it and practically wet their pants laughing.    

I spent the morning trying to get Neil....I mean Du-Jay, to say "I wonder how many lentils I've ever eaten." on the HD phone cam, to no avail.    Even bribing him with a dollar didn't work, tho snark punk, Sagezilla said, "I'll do it for $2."    My quest for the on cam quote ended when Vyvyan Jr. got her hair caught on the back door and ripped the screen.

Hope all The Young Ones fans out there will drop by FB today and give a little shout out.

Vyvyan: Neil, is it really necessary to nail the plates to the table? What happens when we want to play Monopoly? Go directly to plate? Do not pass plate nailed to the table by a stupid hippie? 

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