Monday, December 27, 2010

Mellow Yellow Critter Christmas

Amid all the holiday hustle, we took time to remember our four legged and feathered friends.   The kids sprinkled oatmeal on our snowy front yard, studded with glitter, so the sparkle would catch the eye of Santa's reindeer.   Inside they left cocoa and homemade cookies for the big guy, and two bowls of oats and baby carrots for his hard workin' herd.

Christmas morning, the kids were elated to find the cookies and reindeer chow mostly gone and their stockings full.  They were also excited to find two paint-your-own bird feeders.   Santa even remembered to leave toys and treats for our 3 dogs!   We're so happy they still believe in Christmas magic, mythical creatures, and flying reindeer for another year.

We learn some of our truest lessons from our 3 hairy children, Alia Serendipity, Nakama, and Igraine the Brave.   Dogs know how to be mellow!   They're pack animals, loyal and wonderful to their families.   They love to eat a lot, play hard, and nap a lot.   It's a good life.   Hope everyone's holidays are full of more of all of the above.

Click on the image below to check out more Mellow Yellow fun.


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