Friday, December 3, 2010

Kindie Holidaze and Book Blitz Sneak Peeks!

ChiIL Mama's CD Tree

Sure it's funny when the kids belt out Black Flag lyrics like, "Gimme gimme gimme I need some more. Gimme gimme gimme.   Don't ask what for."   But when it comes to behavior, we want the kids to grow up generous and giving, not greedy.  We all know colorful toys and big, showy productions are a fun part of December, but in our family we make sure to emphasize giving over getting. They already know spending time with family and friends and doing helpful things for others are the best gifts of all.   

Like the toddler who plays with the cardboard box longer than the fancy toy inside, sometimes it's the freebies and the magical little things they remember most.   We'll have green Christmas tips, fun local events that may be under the radar (including a ton of free fun), and loads of holiday hints all month.

That said, there's nothing wrong with great music, books and learning toys.   And we want to GIVE them to YOU.   This month we'll have super specials for our usual Win A Disc Wednesdays.    

Starting December 8th, we'll have a whole Killer Kindie Holidaze Special with ChiIL Mama's top album picks of the year, Grammy Nominees, Our Kidzapalooza Favorites, and other Top Lists in the field.   We'll also feature give aways, live videos, interviews, and more through early 2011.   Here's a sneak peek.

Enter HERE through Tuesday 12/14 for your chance to win all 6 GREAT KINDIE HOLIDAZE GIVE AWAYS!

1. Keller Williams--new CD entitled Kidsand his brand new Because I Said Sobook/CD combo give away.We'll also be posting a new review of both.

2. Dan Zanes--ChiIL Mama's live concert footage and a great give away. You could win an autographed cd-- Rocket Ship Beach- Dan's 1st family album- currently celebrating 10 years of all-ages family music

3. Gustafer Yellowgold--DVD/CD set give away

4. Candy Band--CD give away, exclusive interview, ChiIL Mama's live concert footage from Kidzapalooza 2010

5. Flannery Brothers--CD give away

6. Bari Koral--CD give away

Then, starting December 15th, we have a Bodacious Book Blitz--don't cha love alliteration?   (Everyone has Big Blogger Bashes now). 

We'll be giving away another set of Danbert Nobacon's Anarchist Fairy Tale, 3 Dead Princes and his latest CD, Woebegone.   Click HERE to read ChiIL Mama's review.   These are great for older kids and adults on your gift list, too.  We'll also have never before seen ChiIL Mama footage from Nobacon's Book Cellar reading/ acoustic mini set in Chicago 10/10.   

You can use the handy little search bar to the right of this post, if you want more Nobacon.   We have a full blown Nobacon fest with past posts of live footage from The Devil's Ball, a ChiIL Mama exclusive interview with Danbert Nobacon from The Book Celler, and more Woebegone CD info.   Check it out if you missed it the first time.

Then...have we got something to stuff your stockings and get your undies in a bundle about.   We're so excited to be part of Ayun Halliday's Virtual Book Tour!!   ChiIL Mama will be interviewing the intrepid travel, Mama extraordinaire and author of:

Job Hopper, No Touch Monkey!, Dirty Sugar Cookies, The Big Rumpus and zine, The East Village Inky....and now Zinester's Guide to NYC.
How does she do it?!   I think maybe she's mastered the art of cloning and made a small Ayun Army to do her bidding.   (...something like The Kiss Army with a lot less makeup).   I'm lucky to get my two off to school dressed and fed, then bang out a few blog posts, let alone publish 5 books and a zine!!   We get our piece of Halliday cheer on Wednesday, December 15th, so drop by and we'll dish all the dirt.

Ayun says:

In celebration of the publication of my book, The Zinester's Guide to NYC, I'm going to chop myself up into a million little particles and shoot myself into cyberspace! Traditional book tours are great and all, but they put wear on your luggage wheels. Plus, sometimes nobody shows up and you feel like a total heiner. Or people do show up, except you're having an off night and sound like a total heiner, if not a gibbering drunk. I'm not forgoing a traditional book tour altogether.In fact, I know of several events in NYC  that would be enlivened by your flesh and blood presence:

This month, I'll start "visiting"  blogs, without once having to worry about whether there's something stuck between my gigantic front teeth, or whether my lipstick makes me look like I'm insane. 
"Like" The Zinester's Guide to NYC on Facebook to follow along on her virtual (if not virtuous) book tour--now in progress.

So mark your e-calendars and check back with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL-- early and often.   

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