Monday, December 6, 2010

i ♥ Faces--Self Portrait

This is where I love to write, during the snowy, cold Chicago winters.   We installed an eco-friendly wood burning stove in the living room last year and it's been WONDERFUL.

I almost stopped posting to i ♥ Faces last week in frustration after participating weekly since March of 2009.   As the community has grown, people have stopped leaving comments much, despite an official request to comment on 5 other blogs.   The sense of community has changed and it's not such a friendly space any more.

Last week, I was chastised for inviting people to comment back--evidently it's against the rules, so don't ask/don't tell.   Still, the challenges are fun and it gives people a chance to blog hop and see all the wonderfully creative photographers out there.   So, for the time being, I will continue to play, and comment on other i ♥ Faces entrants.   And we'll see how things go for 2011.   It might be time for a change.


  1. I am new to I heart faces and have been a little let down with the lack of photo commenting as I do at least 5 each time....I am all about boosting peoples confidence and feeling of community! I love the fire in the back ground...I am thinking of lighting mine since my toes are freezing!

  2. It is a shame when people don't comment though I know sometimes there are other calls on time.
    I like your self-portrait. I wouldn't dare post any of mine ;-)
    We have a multi-fuel stove in our sitting room and another in our conservatory. They are wonderful!

  3. I love this! and that pop of color!

  4. This is a great shot!

    (And I TOTALLY feel you on the lack of commenting! I always do at *least* my 5, and try to do more...)

  5. Okay, so I'm not the only one who feels that not everybody is pulling their weight on the comment front....Love that fire in the background and the contrast between that and your face...