Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Fest 2010-Side Stages and Audience Characters

We were amused to see Matt (AKA:   Shreddy Shirt Boy) once again.   He makes his own unique wardrobe and is a fixture in the Chicago concert world.   Word is, he spoke with Grace Potter's guitar player about possibly designing some shred wear for her to perform in.   Grace was recently featured on VH1 Divas:  Salute the Troops.   If you see a shreddy shirt diva out there in the future, remember you heard it from ChiIL Mama first!

Back in September of 2009 we started a thread with a contest:   Spot Shreddy Shirt Boy and Locate Lee (somewhat like an urban Where's Waldo?).   Check it out HERE.  

We've spotted (and photographed) Shreddy Shirt Boy in recent months at The Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Fest, Clutch, The Blackhawks Training Camp Festival, Northcoast Music Fest and Lollapalooza.    It may be time in early 2011 for another shreddy shirt boy photo filled feature!   In the mean time, drop us a comment and/or photo if you spot shreddy shirt boy or Lee Groban.   Chicago has character........and characters.

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