Saturday, May 16, 2015

LAST CALL: Redmoon Devil's Cabaret CLOSING (21+) #PhotoRecap

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Here at ChiIL Live Shows and ChiIL Mama, we've been raving about The Devil's Cabaret on our sites and all over social media since opening night. Here's our photo and video filled recap. Your last chance to go or go again is TONIGHT. So what are you waiting for?! GO already.

ChiIL Mama's Adventures at 
The Devil's Cabaret (full set):
More of our favorites are embedded below.

Saturday night's special guest is James Kimball of Laughing Hyenas and Jesus Lizard, along with three hours of spectacle, surprise, sin, and complimentary Lagunitas.

We have great memories of over the top Jesus Lizard shows at Metro and Fireside Bowl back in the day! David Yow crowd surfing, wearing nothing but duct tape... 

ChiIL Mama's ChiIL Tips List:

*The early bird gets the seats. Like your dance party/spectacle without SRO for 3 hours? If your mosh pit days left you with thrashed knees, come early and head right in to the back if you want a seat. They will clear everyone out from the side you enter on, so don't stake out a perfect spot there. You will be moved to the far side of the tower.

*It's extra fun to rock a theme.

*Leave your fancy footwear at home. Do we need to spell it out? Giant warehouse + unlimited free Lagunitas + a big dance crowd = spillage. I got doused in beer by a still sober mama on a MNO, before the show even started. She beered my hair, and my whole right side when she was startled by a passing puppeteer! Later in the evening I'm sad to admit, I sloshed a half a beer on my friend's shoes when someone bumped into me.

*No promise from the priests. Want to air your sins in public? Get on over to the confessional. Just know there's no confidentiality clause and if you've got a good story to confess it just may be shouted to the masses. 

*Tip well. 

 Complimentary Lagunitas bar until midnight *    

* A 30' tall Crane Tower * A suspended piano *  
* Aerialists * Fire * Drumming * Punk Rock *  
* A DJ * A Caged Opera Singer * 

Favorite Shots:

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