Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weird-O Dolls & Books Teach Children that Being Different isn’t just ‘Acceptable’ – it’s AWESOME!

From LOL Inc., ‘Weird-O’ dolls and accompanying series of books are a fun and imaginative way to teach kids about celebrating differences and being kind to others. Bringing the vibrant and vital message of acceptance, love and compassion, ‘Weird-O’ dolls are perfect for bolstering self-worth and teaching every child that they are loved – just the way they are.

Weird-O dolls may have come from inconspicuous beginnings (a small New Hampshire living room), but the colorful products are now on their way to creating a powerful social acceptance and anti-bullying movement.

It’s an all-too common tale – a young child, bullied for wearing glasses and called a “weirdo”. To Edward Fabian, it was what Oprah would call an “aha moment”. Inspired to do something positive for the little boy and his sister, Fabian set out to show the children that “weirdo” didn’t have to be an insult – instead, it could be something fun!

That quickly, ‘Weird-O’ dolls were born.

From the first character of ‘4-Eyes’, to his friends ‘Cutie Pie’ and ‘Elephant Ears’, the ‘Weird-O’ dolls are a celebration of diversity and a reminder to kids that they aren’t alone, even when it might feel that way.

“It was important to me to give the dolls depth – so I made up a background story, which became the book,” says Fabian. “Not only did the little boy and girl love the story, but they loved 4-Eyes, and they were also proud to wear their glasses! I can’t tell you how amazing it felt to hear them say that – it’s so important to let kids know that being different isn’t just acceptable – it’s awesome! After all, it’s what makes us unique. I think the book really hammered that point home and made the kids feel confident in who they were and are.”

Book Synopsis:

Three little friends known as Elephant Ears, Cutie Pie and 4-Eyes end up on an adventure when a Queen named Little Miss Perfect (that has six toes) decides to rid the land of Sublime of anything or anybody that is not perfect. This book is fun but also teaches life lessons with the moral of the story being nobody is perfect and we should not only accept, but appreciate ourselves and others just the way we are. There are also 16 wonderful drawings from an artist with a unique style.

Since the release of the book and the accompanying toys, parents and children have been thrilled with the products and what they represent.

“While reading Weirdo-Os I was thoroughly drawn into their world by the deeply colorful illustrations as well as the captivating story line. This is a book that spans all ages as it can be read and shared by an adult with a younger child, read solo by an older child and read alone by an adult. The story line reaches out to the youngest of children as well as the oldest of souls. Weirdo-Os has a place on my bookshelf where it shall be a neighbor to Make Way For Ducklings, Beatrix Potter and The Velveteen Rabbit. If you have a heart, possess a soul, find a child or read it solo.... it is a book that contains a message for us all!” wrote Cynthia.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! At first glance the artwork caught my eye and I decided to give your book a read. I am so impressed. Not only did my kids love it but I liked it so much I sent a copy of it to my sister. The story is brilliant, original and fun. The lessons to be learned in this book are priceless,” wrote ‘D’.

“My kids will not go anyplace without 4-Eyes, Elephant Ears and Cutie Pie. They sleep with them every night and I have had to read the book several times to them. They want to know when the new book is coming out and also want to know when the new characters will be available,” wrote Jen.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Fabian has many more adventures planned for his cast of characters.

“I have an entire series planned around the dolls – and my goal is spread their message to as many children as possible,” says Fabian. “I’ve seen the positive impact the first book has had in kids’ lives, and since we’re living in a world where social acceptance is needed more than ever, I think the book and dolls could play a major part in changing how we view diversity.”

Continuing: “There are too many kids feeling bad about themselves because of bullies – especially with the prevalence of the Internet. With my stories and plushies I can make being different cool. It’s so important for a child to have self-worth and feel positive about who they see when they look in the mirror. Something that simple can change their childhood.”

Like many great products, an unintended purpose has happened with the plush dolls. Because the hole in the middle, they make for incredibly comfortable pillows. The hole allows comfort on the ear, the ability to hear or one can wear earbuds without the discomfort that most pillows give you. Parents and kids are loving 4-eyes, Cutie Pie and Elephant ears as travel companions. More and more Weird-Os are being seen on airplanes and in cars as they help to keep children occupied, calm, distracted and when it’s time to sleep they are the best pillow. LOL Inc. receives more and more letters thanking the company for making such a great travel buddy/pillow.

‘Weird-Os: Cuz We’re Not Perfect Either’ and the plushies are available at an ever growing number of select retail stores, lolinc.org : http://www.lolinc.org   and from Amazon: http://amzn.to/1c5tHJ6

To purchase Weird-O dolls, the book (Cuz We’re Not Perfect Either) and learn more about the company LOL Inc., please visit: http://lolinc.org/ or http://www.shop.lolinc.org/

About the Creator:

“Edward Fabian comes from a large family (six kids). We were always being creative and making up stories and having make-believe adventures of all kinds. I think that I never outgrew that and constantly entertain kids with stories of faraway lands, pirates, dragons, princesses or whatever seems appropriate at the time. I always tell them that the imagination can take you anyplace. “

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